“it was when I stopped searching for home within others

and lifted the foundations of home within myself

I found there were no roots more intimate than those

between a mind and body that have decided to be whole.”

- Rupi Kaur..



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Ich möchte Sie dazu anregen, über Ihre Beziehung zur Bewegung nachzudenken. Welche Assoziationen haben Sie, wenn Sie an Bewegung denken? Wenn Sie Lust haben, über dieses Thema nachzudenken, schreiben Sie am besten ein Wortfeld mit Ihren Assoziationen auf ein Blatt P...

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Yoga's got my back!

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Yoga is not only to try to embody the Asana's that we have seen others doing... The one's our teacher shows us,
the ones we saw in books or movies..
Yoga is also to find the movements that feel good, to listen to the body and listen to the voice of our creativity.
When I saw this rock I  simply had to lean on it's...

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Lights from the light

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My spirit-guides are real beings that accompany me on my journey. Those creatures who love me unconditionally and I love them back just as deeply. Bright lights to follow, following me, helping me to recognize myself as the light where I am made of. The whole home is present and sensible in every glimpse of it. Honored and thankful I move, a lovedrunk dance through some moments of endless freedom. Radiating on the same frequency as...

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Krieger des Lichts

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Wochenthema oder vielleicht Zweiwochenthema für meine Yogastunden ist der Krieger des Lichts.
Wir werden viele kraftvolle Kriegerhaltungen einnehmen, unsere Stärke ganz tief und klar empfinden
und gleichzeitig eine sanfmutige Weite im Herzen spüren.

Ich habe ehrlich ...

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Yoga in Krumau

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Möchtest du dir und deiner Gesundheit schon seit längerer Zeit etwas Gutes tun?
Bei Leela-Yoga darfst du ankommen, loslassen während du gleichzeitig innerhalb deiner eigenen Grenzen,
deine Kraft und Beweglichkeit verbesserst. Du lernst dich wie neu kennen, wenn du im einfach „Sein“ hinspürst,
welche Be...

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Singkreis Seelenhonig Einladung 7. April

Geplaatst op 28 maart, 2019 om 16:20 Comments reacties (8653)

Hoffkollektiv Zwetschke, Laura Demelza Bosma & Heath Russel Thompson laden alleherzlichst ein für Singkreis nummer 3! 

Singe mit uns den Frühling wach! 

In gemütlicher Atmosphäre werden wir miteinander Mantren und Kraftlieder singen, 
die Laura mit dem indischen Harm...
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A depth-interview with me in Dutch poetry e-zine Meander

Geplaatst op 29 december, 2017 om 16:25 Comments reacties (7535)

Here is the https://meandermagazine.net/wp/2017/12/schrijven-als-pijn-en-extase/" target="_blank">link to the interview, I guess you can understand quite a bit of it with google translate. 

And the Call Of The Ink Bird, my first English poetrybook about being a highly sensitive woman through the different seasons is out in paperback

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Call of the ink-bird - Kindle version available

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Do you feel like you’re in a world that constricts your thoughts, shackles your creativity and controls the image of who you should be? Can you sense the deep need to become your wonderful authentic-self? This collection of poems sensually celebrates the call of our heart-self in ways that compe...

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I miss the people and places I have abandoned.

Geplaatst op 10 april, 2017 om 4:25 Comments reacties (3905)

originally written on sunday the 26th of March on demelzawritesherwings.blogspot.com

On this day I feel sad and this personal story wants to come out. It is a beautiful sunny early spring day, here in Austria. I live in an idyllic cottage with my boyfriend and three healthy children and two cats. In...

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Laura in the poetry garden

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